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Embarking on a distinctive safari adventure, exploring Tanzania on horseback offers the chance to traverse wildlife areas and scenic landscapes from a heightened, natural perspective. Riding through the bush on horseback provides exhilarating and intimate encounters with animals, presenting golden opportunities for captivating photographs set against picturesque backdrops.

Favored horseback safari destinations include a ride along Lake Masek in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, offering flamingo sightings with the Crater Highlands as a stunning backdrop. The expansive plains of Serengeti National Park provide riding safaris to observe herds of zebra, wildebeest, and gazelle in their natural habitat. Alternatively, one can opt for forest riding in Lake Manyara or even explore Mount Meru on horseback.

Guided by experienced equestrian guides who skillfully navigate horses around wildlife, these safaris allow for less intrusive encounters, as animals like zebra and giraffe are typically less disturbed by mounted riders. Safaris are designed to accommodate riders of all skill levels, providing well-trained horses for a safe and enjoyable experience. Enjoying packed picnic lunches atop scenic kopjes or beneath Acacia groves adds a touch of romance, while the option for night rides under starry skies enhances the overall adventure.

Whether you are an experienced rider or a novice, Tanzanian horse riding safaris deliver a captivating perspective of wildlife and scenery that is often missed from a traditional vehicle safari. The bond formed with the horse enhances the safari experience, blending wildlife encounters, physical activity, and breathtaking views, creating memories that will last a lifetime. It’s a bucket-list-worthy way to fulfill your safari dreams.

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Popular experience in the Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

Ngorongoro Crater

Kilimanjaro National Park


Arusha city

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Popular experience in the Serengeti National Park


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Breakfast at the camp will be followed by a guided walk to visit Lake Natron. This lake is famous as a breeding site for lesser flamingoes in East Africa. Return to your camp for hot lunch and short relaxation. Later, in the afternoon, you will be taken to the Eangaresero waterfalls whose water is believed to have curative values, thus many visitors prefer to swim there before retiring back to your camp for dinner and accommodation.

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Popular experience in the Serengeti National Park

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Popular experience in the Serengeti National Park

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Popular experience in the Serengeti National Park

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Popular experience in the Serengeti National Park

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