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Beyond wildlife and beaches, delving into Tanzania’s vibrant local markets provides a lively and genuine cultural immersion. These markets offer valuable insights into local commerce, diverse products, culinary delights, and the rhythms of everyday life. Visitors have the opportunity to engage in haggling for unique handicrafts, taste exotic fruits, or simply absorb the dynamic atmosphere of these essential community hubs.

Markets in Arusha and Moshi feature an array of safari souvenirs, intricately carved carvings, paintings, and exquisite tanzanite jewelry. In Dar es Salaam, markets showcase an abundance of spices, fabrics, clothing, and art. Along the coastal areas, indulge in the freshest catch at fish markets or discover intricately carved doors in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Make sure not to overlook Marangu’s markets, where you can witness the Chagga tribe’s skill in crafting banana plant fiber creations.

Sampling street food favorites like skewers of grilled meat (mishkaki), coconut curries, fried cassava, chapati flatbread, and refreshing tropical fruit juices adds a flavorful dimension to the experience. Wandering through stalls bursting with vibrant produce and diverse goods offers an authentic cultural encounter.

For a fulfilling Tanzanian experience that goes beyond mainstream attractions, immersing yourself in the bustling market life opens doors to deeper connections and understanding. By supporting local vendors, artisans, and farmers, you not only contribute to the community but also embrace the energy, diverse culinary offerings, and communal spirit that define these captivating markets.

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Arusha city


Moshi town

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Breakfast at the camp will be followed by a guided walk to visit Lake Natron. This lake is famous as a breeding site for lesser flamingoes in East Africa. Return to your camp for hot lunch and short relaxation. Later, in the afternoon, you will be taken to the Eangaresero waterfalls whose water is believed to have curative values, thus many visitors prefer to swim there before retiring back to your camp for dinner and accommodation.

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